Heroes Two

Heroes Two

Heroes Two (1974)


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Hong Kong

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Director Chang Cheh begins his Shaolin Cycle with this solid kung fu actioner about a band of fighting Ming Dynasty loyalists branded as enemies of the state and driven underground following the burning of the Shaolin Temple by Qing Dynasty officials. Due to a misunderstanding, Shaolin kung fu prodigy Fong Sai-yuk (Alexander Fu Sheng) is duped into helping Qing agents to capture leading Shaolin rebel Hung Hei-gun (Chen Kuan-tai). Upon discovering his mistake, Sai-yuk teams up with the remaining rebels to free Hei-gun before his planned execution. Plotting to stop them is General Che Kang (Zhu Mu), a formidable Tibetan kung fu master who commands an army of fighters including four deadly Tibetan llamas.

Đạo Diễn

Chang Cheh

Diễn Viên

Chen Kuan-Tai isHung Hsi Kuan
Hung Hsi Kuan
Alexander Fu Sheng isFang Shih Yu
Fang Shih Yu
Bruce Tong Yim-Chaan isNien Shui Ching
Nien Shui Ching
Wong Ching isLord Teh Hsiang
Lord Teh Hsiang
Fong Sam is3rd Sister
3rd Sister
Chu Mu isGeneral Che Kang
General Che Kang
Fung Ngai isMai Hsin
Mai Hsin
Fung Hak-On isHsiang Chao Hui
Hsiang Chao Hui
Lau Kar-Wing isTibetan Fighter in Red
Tibetan Fighter in Red
Lee Hoi-Sang isTibetan Fighter in Red
Tibetan Fighter in Red