Chinatown Capers

Chinatown Capers


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Action | Comedy | Foreign

Ever the pair of do-gooding drifters, Embroidered Pillow and Chili Boy always come to the aid of Hong Kong’s downtrodden and oppressed – even if it means traveling all the way to America! This time the two friends are off to San Francisco’s Chinatown in search of a millionaire’s missing daughter (Sylvia Chang, who also appears in Slaughter in San Francisco), who has vanished under shady circumstances. Typical Backalley Princess shtick ensues, including the duo’s disastrous stint waiting tables in a Chinese restaurant and run-ins with the local street gangs. But just when things are looking hopeless, Sam and Polly find the lead they need, and the chase is on!

Đạo Diễn

Lo Wei

Diễn Viên

Samuel Hui isEmbroidered Pillow
Embroidered Pillow
Sylvia Chang isSyvlia Lin Hsiu Yin
Syvlia Lin Hsiu Yin
Don Wong Tao isYellow Faced Tiger
Yellow Faced Tiger
Idemura Fumio isMaster Chang Te Biao
Master Chang Te Biao
Pamela Pak isMaster Chang's sister
Master Chang's sister
Roger isRodger
Melvin Wong isGang Leader
Gang Leader